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2018 Marks A Number Of Milestones in Canada's Military History:

100th Anniversary of the End of the First World War
75th Anniversary of D-Day and The Battle of Normandy


2018 Also Marks an Important Milestone In Canadian Society:

150th Anniversary of The Red River Rebellion 
When the Government of Canada bought the land of the Red River Colony from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1869, the Métis were worried about their future and their rights. Louis Riel led a resistance against the Government. As a result, the province of Manitoba was created. Riel remained a controversial leader. To some a rebel, to others a hero, he would eventually be charged with treason and hanged.

We Invite You To Honour Our Veterans and Military Personnel Through Our Art

Heart & Soul

Can you hear the silence...
This is the sound of peace - a gift given to Canadians by the proud members of our Armed Forces. This gift should never be accepted lightly for the spirit of Canada is defined by the sacrifice of our military family.
As the soldier answers the call in time of need, so too must Canadians show their support in defending them in their time of need - as they have shown us, actions speak louder than words. When you hear the bugle play 'The Final Post', always remember this.

Artist: Joseph A. Amato


This illustration was inspired by John O’Connell Hunter, a close friend of the artist.
John was a proud Canadian Military Veteran who served in Europe during World War 2 and was a survivor of the Battle of Dieppe.
This illustration is a gentle reminder to all people around the world to never forget the value of peace and liberty and above all, the effort of people to preserve it.
Past and present...John would have liked that.

Artist: Joseph A. Amato

The Flight Of The Rosaline

This painting was created as a Remembrance Day tribute to the brave men aboard the Wellington Bomber BJ958. On a 1942 return flight from a mission over Germany during WWII, their plane went missing over the North Sea; never to be seen again. The painting depicts a scene of solitude, peace and warmth. The location is left to the viewers’ imagination - perhaps it is  Canada, New Zealand or the United States of America. The chair represents a place where the veteran could have rested had he not made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. The poppies symbolize the somberness of Remembrance Day. The plane overhead is a Wellington Bomber saluting the international crew aboard the plane “Rosaline”, named after the pilot’s sweetheart back home in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.

Frank Burrill - Pilot - Age 20
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Bill Lavers
- Observer and Bomb Aimer - Age 23
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Ralph Gorman
- Wireless Operator and Air Gunner - Age 24 Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Michael St. Lewis
- Air Gunner - Age 26
Eganville, Ontario, Canada

Randolph Smart
- Navigator - Age 24
Wyndham, South Island, New Zealand

Artist: Joseph A. Amato

Celtic Farewell

This painting was inspired by Kyle Barrie, a friend of the artist. This lone bagpiper is playing a tribute to his uncle who has passed away. Poppies grow amongst the graves in Remembrance of fallen soldiers and a dramatic sunrise signals a new day with gratitude for what our Military has secured for Canadians - peace and liberty.

Artist: Carey L. Amato

Freedom Road

The road to freedom is a long one and throughout history mankind has struggled mightily in the fight for justice. Canadian military men and women have given so much in the name of freedom. Our veterans have walked this road many times and it is through this painting that the memory of their ultimate sacrifice in the name of peace shall never be forgotten.
“Freedom Road” represents the journey of the sacrifice of Canada’s military families and is a symbol of pride, freedom and hope for Future Generations, our Country and the Planet.

Artist: Carey L. Amato

The Sweetgrass Soldier

   Reflection - As the native veteran sits across the kitchen table from his wife, he reflects on his life in the Canadian Military, the long time away spent on foreign land enduring the hardships and tragedies of war. The pride in wearing the uniform and knowing he was there in the name of freedom, made it bearable. The life-long friendships forged with his fellow servicemen would last a lifetime.
  The braid of sweetgrass in his hands is a sacred symbol of healing and cleansing to indigenous people and the smell and feel of it offers him comfort. The National Defense Medal is a proud possession given to soldiers who served in the military. The Poppies represent peace and Remembrance for the fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  This painting was created to honour native men and women who sacrificed so much for their Country and families. Since before the war of 1812, native Canadians have fought to protect this land and given their lives to remain free. It is my wish that all Canadians offer the highest respects for their efforts and sacrifice, for they are members of our Country's proudest family, The Canadian Military.

Artist: Joseph A. Amato

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